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Beer League Players Association The BLPA is the home of adult "athletes". Our mission is to connect the world with sports and make the world a better place by playing them together.

Tournaments & Events

The BLPA events were created to provide the adult ‘athlete’ with a different kind of experience. An experience where camaraderie trumps competition. The main focus of our events is on the social dynamic of adult “athletes”. 


What our athletes say

"Had an awesome time at the draft experience tournament. If anyone is considering attending one, my recommendation is to not hesitate, just register and go have a blast! Lot's of fun and good, friendly competition. Top notch!!"

Matthew Miller

"I've attended several tournaments over the last 10years and the Dex Draft is by far the best I've been to. From the players to the staff and that sexy M.F'er Nick everyone is so awesome. I love beer league and I love the Tournament Company"

Bernice Albin

"Great tournament this past weekend in Austin, TX .. Great people and extremely well run by The Tournament Company - looking forward to playing in another! Highly recommend their events!"

Jeff Gall

"I just played in my second DEX and it’s still the best time you can have. You meet, and get drunk with, new people from all over the place; the “don’t be a dick” rule is always in effect, which makes for a good time; and by the end you’re tired enough to sleep for a few days."

Rashid Benoit

"So far I've done two ice hockey Draft Experience (DEX) Tournaments with The Tournament Company, and I've had a blast both times. Skaters of all skill levels, split up evenly between several teams to make it a weekend of nonstop hockey you'll never forget."

Nicholas Dionisopoulos

"Ridiculously fun tournament! Plus the jerseys are always awesome. Can't wait to go to another one!"

Nick McPherson

"Nick doest a great job hosting tournaments. I did the Columbus OH tourney and it makes everything easy. Schedules are updated, stats, games are on time and you couldn’t ask for a better ran tournament. Nick also host parking lot cookout which made it easy to interact with other people from the tournament making it a great experience all around. Greatest way to connect with more hockey family, looking forward to another soon!"

Jeremy Lascko

"I took their advice and tried out similar draft experiences, it was a very different outcome. These guys are the best. Better price, better competition, better experience overall."

Richie Patrick

Tendy Talk Episode 84 – Tom Hodges

Episode 84 of Tendy Talk presented by the BLPA Podcast Network and The Hockey Podcast Network I chat with Dallas Stars Emergency Back-Up Goalie (EBUG) Tom Hodges who was thrust into action for the visiting Anaheim Ducks on April 29. For a kid born in the UK it’s easy to say he didn’t think this […]

Tendy Talk Episode 83 – Kimberly Sass

Episode 823 of Tendy Talk presented by the BLPA Podcast Network and The Hockey Podcast Network I chat with Kimberly Sass, Isobel Cup champion, PWHPA member, architect, and artist. We talk about her path to architecture, playing pro hockey while still working a full-time job, and the message of her art. Be sure to follow […]

Tendy Talk Episode 82 – Nick Battaglia

Episode 82 of Tendy Talk presented by the BLPA Podcast Network and The Hockey Podcast Network I chat with Nick Battaglia, the FDNY goalie from this spring’s FDNY-NYPD Rivalry Game played on Long Island. We talk about Nick’s journey in hockey, how he grew up the son of a cop who told him to take […]


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