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Bad Ass Beer League Jerseys: Gucci Ghosts

Hey… did you know we have a pretty fuckin awesome podcast? If not, now you do.

Before we talk about these bad ass beer league jerseys we need to get in the mood. So grab your cup o’ lean and watch this before reading any further.

Ok are you ready? Are you feeling fresh? I got bad news for ya, you’ll never be as fresh as any player that plays for The Gucci Ghosts out of Canlan Etobicoke. No, we can’t pronounce it either but we do know it’s in the six. Yup I’m hip, I listen to Drizzy. Ok the six is Toronto for all you old fucks.

Gucci Ghost Beer League Bad Ass Hockey Jerseys

It’s quite refreshing to be able to bring you a sweet jersey that doesn’t have a sexual reference in it. Just good hard $1,000 t-shirt pop culture references. Wanna pick one of these up? Well you’ll have to wait til they end up at Generation Cool on Slobby’s World.

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Here are some more featured jerseys!

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