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BLPA Bible – Hockey Lingo

Beer league hockey is a unique subculture of the sport. Unlike competitive leagues, where the focus is on winning, beer league hockey is all about having fun, staying active, and socializing with friends. One of the most distinctive aspects of beer league hockey is the lingo. From colorful insults about being a third line hockey player to clever nicknames, beer league players have developed a language all their own. Here are some of the most common beer league hockey terms and phrases:

“Bender” – A player who is not very skilled or coordinated on the ice.

“Beauty” – A player who is skilled, good-looking, or both. This term is often used as a term of endearment.

“Chirp” – To taunt or trash-talk an opponent. Beer league players are notorious for their creative chirps.

“Duster” – A player who rarely gets ice time and spends most of the game sitting on the bench. This term is often used in a derogatory way towards 3rd line hockey players or lower.

Example of a duster

Example of a duster

“Flow” – A player’s long hair, which is often tucked into their helmet. Having good flow is considered a badge of honor in beer league hockey.

“Gonger” – A player who repeatedly falls down on the ice. This term is often used in a derogatory way. Other examples would be plug, grinder, 3rd line hockey player.

“Greasy” – A goal or play that is sloppy, lucky, or otherwise undeserved.

“Hack” – A player who plays dirty or uses illegal tactics on the ice.

“Mitts” – A player’s gloves. Having good mitts means being skilled with the puck.

“Snipe” – To score a goal with a well-placed shot. This term is often used as a compliment.

“Wheel” – To skate fast or smoothly. This term is often used as a compliment.

“Zebra” – The referee, who wears a black and white striped shirt.

“Gong Show” – A game or situation that is chaotic, disorganized, or out of control. This term is often used to describe a particularly rough or poorly-officiated game.

“Sauce” – A pass that is lofted or arced through the air. This term is often used as a compliment.

“Beer frame” – The intermission between the second and third periods, when players go to the locker room to drink beer.

3rd line hockey player

These are just a few of the many terms and phrases that make up the unique language of beer league hockey. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the sport, learning the lingo is an important part of fitting in and having fun. So next time you hit the ice, don’t be afraid to throw out a few chirps or compliment a teammate’s flow. After all, beer league hockey is all about having a good time! Thats why the BLPA was created. To have a community of adult “athletes” that could play, drink, and have fun together whether you’re a 3rd line hockey player or a 1st line all star.

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