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BLPA Bible: Japan Draft Experience Travel Tips Part 1 – Luggage

BLPA Draft Experience – Japan Adult Hockey Tournament

The BLPA is thrilled to announce our upcoming Draft Experience in the captivating setting of Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun!

While our journey has taken us to numerous exciting destinations with the BLPA, the adventure is just beginning. From Italy to Scandinavia, and upcoming plans for Australia & New Zealand, our next big trip and one of the most cherished places on Earth for many is Japan. Want to see some of the other cool places I have gone for hockey?

Picture yourself traversing the globe alongside fellow hockey enthusiasts, immersing yourself in a country halfway around the world where English is not the predominant language, and the culture is uniquely different. These are the moments that shape life-changing experiences.

Japan Draft Exprience BLPA Adult Hockey Tournament

Japan DEX

Our experience and likely yours too will begin in the electric pulse of Tokyo, where ancient traditions seamlessly blend with futuristic marvels. From bustling markets to serene shrines, Tokyo’s vibrant energy captivates every traveler.
Then, escape to the enchanting retreat of Karuizawa, nestled amidst picturesque mountains to play hockey for a few days. Discover a haven of tranquility with lush landscapes, charming boutiques, and invigorating outdoor activities. Karuizawa invites you to unwind in style, offering a perfect balance to Tokyo’s dynamic allure.

5 games of hockey and the tranquility of Karuizawa and then its back to the electric atmosphere of Tokyo to finish off the trip

Explore the dynamic duo of Tokyo and Karuizawa – a adult hockey tournament travel experience where the modern meets the serene, creating memories that linger long after the journey ends.

DEX Travel Solution

For Beer League Hockey Players, a common concern is navigating our Draft Experience tournaments , especially our international tournaments, with hockey gear in tow without sacrificing the opportunity to explore the country. Having personally played in Japan, I understand the challenges of lugging equipment around, and I’m here to share my insights to ensure this part of your travel is seamless.

In Japan, particularly in the tourist hotspots, you will not encounter the wide open space you’re accustomed to in North America. With a dense population and highly efficient use of space, everything, from bars and personal spaces to hotels and food portions, is comparatively smaller. Fear not, because there’s a hassle-free solution for transporting your hockey gear to a Japan hockey tournament: Black Cat, officially known as Yamato Transport.

Yamato Transport Japan Draft Exprience BLPA Adult Hockey Tournament

Here’s the game plan:

1. Drop off your bags at their service counter at the airport – Let the cool black cat logo guide you
2. provide your hotel address
3. make the payment
4. Yamato Transport ensures the safe delivery of your bags to your hotel or, in my case, the ice rink.
5. You can even schedule a pickup from your hotel a few days before your departure.  Huge for saving you from the stress of hauling your gear back to the airport.

A pro tip: Opt to ship your gear directly to your hotel, as Yamato Transport is well-versed in coordinating with hotels. Stay tuned for more tales from the ice, and get ready for an unforgettable Japan Draft Experience with the BLPA!

Excitement fuels my commitment to this ongoing blog series, aimed at alleviating any travel apprehensions our  BLPA members may have when joining us on our global hockey adventures. At the heart of our mission lies the desire to unite the world through sport, fostering a better place through the joy of play. It’s with great enthusiasm that we extend this mission to you, inviting you to explore the unique blend of culture and camaraderie as we bring the spirit of the BLPA to Japan. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we bridge borders, share experiences, and make our mark on the international hockey scene. Together, we’ll paint a vibrant canvas of memories that resonate with the essence of both Japan and the BLPA.

Japan Draft Exprience BLPA Adult Hockey Tournament

Akihabara Tokyo Electric Town Japan Billboards


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