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Boston Draft Experience Highlights


The Boston Draft Tournament Ultimate Hockey Weekend Experience was insane in 2022. We chose St. Patricks Day weekend because it is one of the wildest party weekends in Boston. In addition to the drunken shenanigans and Draft Experience Hockey there is also Dropkick Murphys concerts every year. It’s all right in the middle of the Hockey East Championships. The Draft tournament weekend in Boston really is the ultimate beer leaguers weekend.

Here are some pictures of the beauts that shared the ice with the BLPA in Boston. We can’t wait to be back for another Boston Draft tournament beer league weekend.


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  • Chris Posted 04/11/2022 9:20 am

    Had a blast playing hockey and making new friends. Boston was a sort of test tournament for me since it’s local, but I enjoyed it so much that I immediately signed up for two more in July and October.

    Draft party was a blast! Mostly very cool jersey/ shell/ socks set up for each team. Jersey number is based on what round you were drafted. Rounds appeared to be randomized by what skill level a particular group is in. Order of draft selection is based on how fast you can chug a beer after your group/round got drafted. Lots of fun and teams ended up being super even.

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