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I’m just posting this so I don’t get fined….. Actually I’m posting it so I don’t get canceled. This was a response to when I originally posted the dejected goalies blog years ago. I am dusting it off just in case. 

Does no one have a sense of humor anymore?  ANY ONE?   FUCK IT. I DO. I’M GOING FOR IT! I’m posting dejected goalies again. 

There have been a lot of really disgruntled goalies over the Dejected Goalies Blog.

I get it.

A position that is stereotypically full of weirdos and playerss with shakey mental fortitude would for sure have a problem with people posting photos of fellow weirdos with shakey mental fortitude getting scored on… because let’s face it, goalies getting scored on is a real rare thing in beer league. I mean it never happens more than 10 or 19 times a beer league game. For a blog to post one of these rare occurrences as a gag is just way over the line. Oh the AUDACITY! 

There were some goalies that took the blog for what it was, LOL’d,  and wondered why isn’t there something for players? It is no secret that players whom skate out are the back bone of the game. Without them there wouldn’t be hockey (FACTS). Just think about 2 goalies standing at opposite sides of the ice staring at each other’s 7th or 8th set of pads for 75 mins at 11pm at night. The game needs skaters but goalies are right. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander (WTF ever that means). 

So I present to you some of the worst hockey players on the face of the earth. Skaters that can’t skate, can’t score, and in general make a mockery of the sport. If you’re pictured here you should stop playing hockey. Maybe take up baseball…. Or being a goalie coach. Whatever it may be just know if you see yourself below YOU STINK!

For those that don’t know these are all pictures of me.

Oh and all of you should lighten up

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