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Seattle Draft Experience Theme Reveal – The Story Behind The Theme


Our goal for all of our Draft Experience themes are to make cool jerseys that the hockey players love. Its crazy to think that part of job is sitting around making hockey jersey designs that get more wild by the tournament. We love traditional style sweater designs. However, they get boring sometimes. The main thing for the jersey designs for each hockey draft tournament is to try to capture the flavor of the place we are playing. This isn’t always possible. We really wanted to make a theme for Seattle Draft Experience Tournament that represented local culture.

I hit up some of my friends that were connected to the Native American culture was introduced to Ty Juvinel. Ty’s traditional name of Zu Waq’ Sub Waq’Waq’ (Lightning frog). Ty, the Tulalip artist, been submerged in his culture, for as long as he can remember. He is always looking for new ways to push himself as an artist and being open to try new methods and techniques, but at the same time always looking for ways to put his culture out there in a good way.

Ty has created pieces for multiple businesses around Seattle including the Kraken. One of Ty’s pieces, a carving that is interpretation of the Kraken’s secondary anchor brand mark and it will hang in the hallway inside the Kraken Community Iceplex.

The BLPA’s goal with the Seattle Draft Experience theme is to promote a local culture that has deep roots in sports around the community. We truly believe hockey is for everyone. The BLPA is so stoked that Ty was all on board with sharing his art with the BLPA. We hope you are as excited about these draft experience beer league hockey jerseys as we are. These jerseys are truly individually created pieces of art directly from Ty’s hand.

The Artist

You can check out more on Ty here:
You can find more info on the Tulalip Tribes here:


The Hockey Jersey Reveal

Without Further ado – The First Jersey For Seattle Draft Experience 
Introducing Jersey #1 – yəx̌ʷəlaʔ (Eagle)

Seattle Draft Experience Hockey Jerseys. Tulalip Native American Hockey Art

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