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The Dejected Goalie Blog.. AGAIN

The Goalie Blog Setup

One night in the parking lot after one of these bad ass Draft Tournament Hockey Experience games (This is not an advertisement) the conversation turned to a controversial *hilarious* dejected goalies blog I created some years ago. Y’all know me. 100% Goalie Lover & Supporter.  As a matter of fact I’d like it noted that ever since I left the swamp, I haven’t taken a stance once on the “should the goalies pay” debate. Nor have I compared player/goalie cost. In fact I have even been “Sweden” in the great beer league wars of 2022. I am still Nicky Positivity. This blog doesn’t change that.

BUT as a goal scorer myself there’s nothing I like better than seeing photos of goalies after they’ve been scored on….. Actually that’s a lie. There’s nothing I like better than taking photos of the goalies right after they’ve been scored on. Since I have been shooting a lot of photos for the Draft Experience it’s been one of my guilty pleasures. Every time I see a goal scored I point my big swingin’ lens right at the goalie.


Now I know that these goalies arent so soft that they will be legitimately upset that these are posted in this goalie blog… because ya know he are already posted on our social media channels. I know they will see the humor and fun we are trying to create here.

There’s no way these guys and their friends would get so mad they’d send me direct messages threatening to end my seemingly illustrious beer league career.  I’m looking at you GGSU.

And there’s no way in hell they’d be so infuriated that he would try to email my place of employment and try to get me fired for posting this. (Yes, this happened back at the swamp). But should you feel so inclined to complain, Here is the email address:  You can also email the owner and he will handle it, 

For those that do have a sense of humor, I’ll continually update this goalie blog with dejected goalie photos. Have any good ones? Tweet them to me @nickerjones tagged with #DejectedGoalie

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