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‘Twas the hour before Beer League

Twas the Hour Before Beer League

by 4th_Line_Bling

Here we have a festive holiday poem sent to us from a beauty of a beer leaguer on twitter! We think he hits the nail on the head. Check out his ode to Beer League below.


T’was an hour before beer league, and all through the rink, 

The bags were all opened, to air out the stink. 


8 jerseys were hung in the lockers with care, 

In hopes that at least 6 guys would be there. 


The ol’ Shooter-tutor was ready to go, 

Never quite sure if our tendy will show. 


There’s no point in bitchin, it was no use, 

All of those bastards will have an excuse


I checked all my gear, was set for the night, 

I’d just settled in with a luke-warm Coors Light. 


Free-loading Freddy borrowed tape for his twig, 

Also some sock tape, a beer and a cig.


Davey walked in, ‘bout time he got here, 

‘cause it was that f*cker’s turn to bring beer.


In his new hoodie, the cuffs were all bent,

No doubt stretched out, by his hands of cement. 


In the corner was Greg, a bit of a loon,

always quoting lines from Slapshot or Goon. 


Still, better than Steve-o, who you’d always see, 

Going on about “One time, in Jr B…”.


Gordie was there, beer can for a spitter, 

And Craiger, the ass, was using the shitter. 


Brian showed last, a bit of a burn-out, 

I thought, all-in-all, not a bad turn out.


Rink rat comes in, “What’s happenin’ bud?” 

“was a practice before you, you’re getting no flood”. 


I said “We’re athletes, we need a fresh sheet” 

If we don’t get a scrape, we’ll surely get beat.” 


He took a step forward, his anger was stirred, 

“I’ve seen you guys play, you’ll be gassed by the third. 


You’re skating’s atrocious, you can’t make a pass,

I’d probably only need to flood half.” 


Greg grabbed a stick and knocked the dude out, 

They cancelled the game, we’ll be suspended no doubt.


I looked at the boys “no wives know so far, 

We’ve still got 2 hours, so lets hit the bar!”


Happy Holidays Boys.. and girls! Hope your days are filled with awesome food, great family, and lots o’ puck! 

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  • James Postma Posted 05/16/2023 9:57 am

    How can we get this beer league in Milton Ontario?

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