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What If This Was Really His Last Name?

Look at this butt baby. I can already tell this guy comes from a long line of cocksmiths. He definitely has a way with the fairer sex and beds a different lass every night. How could you not with this last name? A real ladies man.

Beer league Sex Joke


But really…. What would possess this goober to put a last name like this on his jersey? I can only imagine what the rest of his team is donning on the back of their sweaters. Could this be one of the more tame ones? Did his buddies all try to one up each other? Bra Snapper? Boob Jiggler? Pussy Grabber? This is a team full of absolute classy bros. Representin’ beer leaguers to the max. BRAVO

But what if this was his real last name? :::mind blown emoji:::

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