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How to Argue With a Ref In Beer League (and Win!)

You cant. Go to box and feel shame. Related posts: The Dejected Goalie Blog.. AGAIN BLPA Bible: Japan Draft Experience Travel Tips Part 1 – Luggage Beer League Refs – […]

The Dejected Goalie Blog.. AGAIN

The Goalie Blog Setup One night in the parking lot after one of these bad ass Draft Tournament Hockey Experience games (This is not an advertisement) the conversation turned to […]

Scoreless Shitty Skaters Blog

I’m just posting this so I don’t get fined….. Actually I’m posting it so I don’t get canceled. This was a response to when I originally posted the dejected goalies […]

‘Twas the hour before Beer League

Twas the Hour Before Beer League by 4th_Line_Bling Here we have a festive holiday poem sent to us from a beauty of a beer leaguer on twitter! We think he […]

Beer League Refs – You’d Be A Lot Prettier If You Smiled More

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST   Listen I am no stranger to calling out things, people, or places. I’ve called out refs in the BLPA group (Yes, I still think NHL […]

BLPA Bible: Japan Draft Experience Travel Tips Part 1 – Luggage

BLPA Draft Experience – Japan Adult Hockey Tournament The BLPA is thrilled to announce our upcoming Draft Experience in the captivating setting of Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun! […]


Do you hate your beer league GM? Remember that time he only filled five of your team’s six water bottles? How about the time he got your team’s league fees […]

Top 5 ugliest hockey helmets

Hockey helmets are an important piece of equipment in hockey. Important for safety but most importantly style points. No one wants to be “wears an ugly helmet” guy but unfortunately […]

5 Kick Ass Places I’ve Played Beer League Hockey

Bet every single one of you have heard someone say “Find a job doing something you’re passionate about and you’ll never work a day in your life”. Well that’s a […]

Columbus BLPAbash Highlights

Columbus BLPAbash Adult Hockey Tournament The 2nd Annual BLPAbash in Columbus was another sold out event. 34 teams from all over the country came together to battle for the belt […]

What If This Was Really His Last Name?

Look at this butt baby. I can already tell this guy comes from a long line of cocksmiths. He definitely has a way with the fairer sex and beds a […]

The Worst Call In The History Of Hockey

  The worst call in the history of hockey didn’t happen in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. It did not involve a legend’s foot in the crease in overtime of a […]

Bad Ass Beer League Jerseys: Gucci Ghosts

Hey… did you know we have a pretty fuckin awesome podcast? If not, now you do. Before we talk about these bad ass beer league jerseys we need to get […]

Beneath the Bleachers: Ice Hockey and the Cold War

The Winter Olympics in 1980 were held in Lake Placid, New York, in early February. This was the second time that Lake Placid had hosted the Olympics, with the first […]

Bad Ass Beer League Jerseys – The Homers

DOH! Huge fans of pop culture meeting hockey, especially when it comes to the jerseys. This week we are proud to announce that we have found one of the best […]

Heart Attacks Heart Health And Hockey

Hockey Heart Attacks: Awareness & Prevention   A few years ago I teamed up with the heart and stroke foundation to promote awareness & prevention of heart attack & strokes […]

25 Things You Should Know About Dating Hockey Chicks

25 Things You Should Know About Dating Hockey Chicks   So you’re pretty into this whole hockey thing and you’ve started thinking the only thing that could make it better […]

Bad Ass Beer League Jerseys: The Fourth Meal

What’s up Butt Babies? Yeah you…. Beer leaguer that was born out of his mom’s butt. Yeah you’re a real piece of shit! That’s a good chirp, eh? You’re welcome […]

By The Numbers – 975 Goals

In 1972, the upstart World Hockey Association (WHA) began operating as an alternative to the NHL. This league was founded by the same men who had previously founded the American […]

Letterkenny Has Ruined Beer League Hockey

I am not an old beer leaguer, but I’m getting older. For perspective, I now skate with kids of guys I played along side in high school. Point being, I […]

The Chirp Corner – Is This the World’s Greatest Beer League Hockey Chirp?

When you play in the same league for long enough, you start to develop rivalries and bad blood with certain players or teams. It’s a natural reaction to the competitive […]

The Most Awesome Non-Hockey Hockey Jerseys You’ll Ever See

Hockey is the best sport in the world. THE BEST. SERIOUSLY. One of my favorite things about hockey is hockey jerseys. Hockey jerseys are a symbolic way to show the […]

The Virtue in Violence – Finding Your Beer League Team

Finding a new beer league team is hard. This is a story from my friend Justin Rose. Often times you’ve been on the same beer league team, with the same […]

By The Numbers — 152:01

STATE COLLEGE, PA — It was May 4, 2000. Peter and Kathryn had only been dating for about a month at this point. They were going to watch Game Four […]

Gear Review – Pacific Rink Ultimate Hockey Bag

Submitted by Justin Rose Ok girls (and boys) time for a review. Is the Pacific Rink Bag the ultimate BLPA beer league hockey bag? This edition we are reviewing the […]

44 Beer League Hockey Memes You Need To Share With Your Teammates NOW!

We all know that beer league hockey is serious business. Did you know that some players even set lines for their beer league games?  Yeah crazy eh? We are here […]

By The Numbers – Flex That Hockey Stick

I’m sure that when buying hockey sticks you’ve noticed that each stick has a number on it, such as 75, 85 or 100 (77, 87 or 102 for Bauer because […]

By The Numbers – Gettin’ Your Skates Did

Unless you’re Chris Paul, you probably know and believe that the earth is actually round and dinosaurs are not roaming around. The thing is, how can you really tell the […]

Beer League Hockey Fees Across North America

In this ‘By The Numbers‘ series post we look at adult beer league hockey league fees. Many factors contribute to what it costs for us to play beer league hockey. The […]

Beer League Beginners

My decision last year to start playing hockey was one the best decisions I have ever made, in addition to that one burrito I drove 40 minutes out of my […]

10 Commandments of Beer League Hockey

We all know beer league hockey operates with a few unwritten rules that keep everything running smoothly. At least, we thought everyone knew that. But lately we’ve been meeting more […]

Top Beer League Hockey Jerseys

It is safe to assume that we here at the BLPA have some authority when it comes to bad ass beer league hockey jerseys. We create thousands of jerseys a […]


One thing that has always perplexed me about beer league roster construction is the over reliance on trying to “hide” bad skaters back on D. You see it on almost […]

Sometimes innovators are lost to history

If you ask history nerds like me, who was the first goaltender to wear a mask, they will quickly descend down the rabbit hole of Jake the Snake Plante and […]

The 6 Stages Of A Beer League Hockey Player

 A beer league defenseman named Bill shared his thoughts on aging as a beer leaguer with me over at the Beer League Players Association Facebook group page. We both agreed […]

BLPA Bible – How To Survive Beer League Tournaments

  Beer League Tourney weekend is upon the team and the boys are buzzin! But you’ve got concerns. You’re not 21 anymore. Partying all weekend used to be your lifestyle […]

Dealing with short & long benches in beer league hockey

Managing a beer league hockey team is one of the most thankless jobs. Getting beer league players to commit (and then to pay) is only the first problem. Although we […]

From Porn to Puck: A Story of Hockey Glory and Glory Holes

If you saw him at the rink, you wouldn’t know that Farrell Timlake has one of the more interesting backstories that you’ll ever come across. He plays in the Greater […]

By The Numbers – What Do Hockey Jersey Numbers Say?

For the next blog in our ‘By The Numbers‘ blog series, we tackle… hockey jersey numbers. Hockey jersey numbers in professional hockey date back to the old National Hockey Association, […]

Top Beer League Hockey Excuses

You’ve heard the expression, “Excuses are like buttholes, everyone’s got ’em” right? Well, it is 100% true, especially in the beer league circuit. Every night a beer league game is […]

Do Airlines Hate Professional Hockey Players?

Pro hockey players have to travel everywhere with their gear. I personally have been on 16 hockey playing trips this year and let me tell you, traveling the world with […]