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The World’s Premiere Adult Hockey Tournament Series

The Road to the Beer League World Championships
(Mens, Womens, Co-ed)

#1 rule of our BLPA Bash Adult Hockey Tournament is


Play in one of our BLPA Bash tournaments this year for an awesome Hockey experience and a weekend you will not forget. Winners get an invite to our end of the year Tournament of Champions

Columbus BLPA BASH

The BLPA Bash will be hosted in Columbus, April 28-30. Games start at noon on Friday. 

The Beer League Players Association is the voice of adult “athletes” everywhere. Once you experience a BLPA event you won’t want to play in another kind of tourney. The BLPA events focus is on the player experience and the only rule for players is “Don’t Be A Dick”


There are 100’s of other adult hockey tournaments. But there’s only one beer league hockey tournament backed by the Beer League Players Association (BLPA). 

The BLPA’s mission is to connect the world with sport and make the world a better place by playing sport. Our aim with the BLPA bash is to focus on the social atmosphere of our sport. Beer League is about camaraderie and a shared love of the sport. Warriors battling against each other on the ice but best friends in the parking lot. 

Thats the BLPA Bash in a nutshell. Come try to win the belt, but realize that more lasting memories are made in the parking lot with new friends than on the ice.

Play in one of our BLPA Bash adult hockey tournaments this year for an awesome Beer League Hockey Experience  and a weekend you will not forget. Winners get an invite to our end of the year Beer League World Championships


What our athletes say

"Had an awesome time at the draft experience tournament. If anyone is considering attending one, my recommendation is to not hesitate, just register and go have a blast! Lot's of fun and good, friendly competition. Top notch!!"

Matthew Miller

"I've attended several tournaments over the last 10years and the Dex Draft is by far the best I've been to. From the players to the staff and that sexy M.F'er Nick everyone is so awesome. I love beer league and I love the Tournament Company"

Bernice Albin

"Great tournament this past weekend in Austin, TX .. Great people and extremely well run by The Tournament Company - looking forward to playing in another! Highly recommend their events!"

Jeff Gall